Sunday, June 22, 2014

Does Amazon FireFly recognize art???

Does Amazon FireFly recognize art??? Is Fine Art next? If not now, it will be coming soon in a big data world.

About Amazon FireFly  ...

Phone numbers, web, and email addresses

Firefly identifies printed text on posters, magazines, and business cards—make calls, save new contacts, send emails, and visit websites without typing long addresses.

Movies & TV

Firefly recognizes over 240,000 movies and TV episodes, and 160 live TV channels. Firefly uses X-Ray, powered by IMDb, to show information on actors, plot details, and related content—add titles to your Watchlist or download to watch later.


Firefly recognizes songs so you can access artist information, play related songs, download albums direct to your Fire phone, or add them to your Wish List to purchase later on. With Firefly-enabled apps like iHeartRadio and StubHub, you can create radio stations based on an identified artist, or even find tickets for their next show.

Over 70 million products

Recognize household items, books, DVDs, CDs, video games, and more. Access product details, add items to your Wish List, or order on Amazon straight from your Fire phone.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Eli Broad’s Art Showcase in Los Angeles, Still Unfinished, Sues Over Delays

Eli Broad’s Art Showcase in Los Angeles, Still Unfinished, Sues Over Delays

Art Basel Hong Kong 2014

If anyone is wondering what's going on in the Chinese Contemporary Art world, we have the scoop. Recently, I was very fortunate to attend the 2014 Art Basel Hong Kong Art Fair. This place was filled with the excitement of the Chinese Contemporary Art as well as representation of many galleries from all over the world. Some of these galleries included: Gallery Exit (Hong Kong), Hanart TZ Gallery (Hong Kong), Osage Gallery (Hong Kong), and Pearl Lam Galleries (Shanghi, Hong Kong and Singapore). 
This years fair not only gathered galleries from all over the world but also artist. Some of the most intriguing sections were broken into Insights, Discoveries and Encounters. The Insights sector presented curatorial projects by 47 galleries with spaces in Asia and the Asia-Pacific region and featured solo shows, historical material, and thematic group exhibitions. The Discoveries sector gave a global platform to emerging contemporary artists from all over the world, showcasing work by the next generation of talent at an early stage in their career. Encounters dedicated its presentation to large-scale sculpture and installation works by leading artist from around the world, 17 large-scale sculptural installations and performances by galleries with exhibition spaces in Hong Kong, Japan, Mainland China, Germany, United States, South Korea and Switzerland.

For more information on the fair visit their website: Art Basel Hong Kong 2014