Sunday, May 19, 2013

Art Marketing by Barney Davey

Art Marketing by Barney Davey

If you are seeking new sources to increase your art sales and your income, the print market makes an excellent choice. You can use it to diversify your price points, grow awareness for your work and create a steady source of income from selling fine art giclee prints of your originals.

The 2nd Edition of How to Profit from the Art Print Market offers creative marketing solutions to help artists produce remarkable results in today's challenging times. A bestseller on the "Business of Art" category since 2005, this new edition has been completely rewritten and expanded to address the both the difficult and favorable circumstances artists encounter in the evolving art market.

The book is full of solid advice sure to help any visual artist gain a clearer understanding of how to operate their business more effectively and get their work to market more efficiently.

The author, Barney Davey, has advised artists on marketing since 1988. He also publishes Art Print Issues, one of the industry's most highly trafficked and regarded business blogs for visual artists. He was a longtime guest blogger on the Absolute Arts. For two decades he worked closely with top selling print artists and publishers.

Davey has distilled the knowledge he gained from observing their best and most successful practices and blends it with his own considerable art marketing prowess to provide his readers with great insights and insider information. Readers are sure to benefit from reading this book. Order your copy today!

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